1. Any directory-level student information may be discussed over the phone or sent via email or fax.
  2. Emails sent from a university-issued @colorado.edu address to another @colorado.edu address are, in general, encrypted. However, because the university has no control over students and employees who forward their email to another service provider, the campus only allows the sending of Level 3 data (see Reporting Security Levels) via campus email, including to other University of Colorado campuses, and restricts the sending of Level 4 and Level 5 data via email. However, to facilitate communication between university officials and individual students, the Boulder campus allows the sending of student name and SID, as well as student name/SID/Level 3 data (including individual grades – not entire rosters), via email only when the email is sent from an @colorado.edu address to another @colorado.edu (or other University of Colorado) email account.
  3. The use of fax and the campus Large File Transfer service is allowed for Level 4 and Level 5 data. Sending password-protected files via email is discouraged, because the password is often also sent via email, thus removing the security. Large amounts of non-directory student data (i.e., greater than 24 students) and data reports containing Level 2 or higher data must be sent via the Large File Transfer service or other protected means, and not via email.