Information is provided below to assist completion of the fields in the dual degree proposal form. Contact the Graduate School with additional questions.

Explain the academic rationale for the proposed dual degree program:

  • Provide the underlying academic reasons to combine the two programs.

Explain the student demand and projected enrollment:

  • Identify the expected student clientele.
  • Include and estimate of enrollment totals and sources of information to inform projections.

Identify the dual degree admissions requirements and processes:

  • Describe procedures, deadlines and methods of communication between departments during admission, as well as specific criteria by which the student will be evaluated. 
    • Processing instructions can be found in the graduate admissions guide; students must generally be admitted to each program separately or programs may add a second program via an internal procedure with the graduate program change form. 
  • Address specific admissions requirements, whether students will be expected to start in one program before the other, etc.

Identify how many credits may be double-counted between the two degrees, and identify which courses may be used:

  • Provide information about the arrangement of the curriculum, including any specific order of courses, and explain time limit for both degrees.
  • Detail the total number of credits normally required for each degree.
  • Identify how many credits are being requested to double-count between the two degrees, and identify which specific courses may be used.
    • Typically, double-counting credits should at most half of the credits required for the degree with the lower credit requirement.
  • Provide the total number of credits required for the dual degree (Degree 1 + Degree 2 – double-counting coursework).

Explain any additional resource needs for the proposed dual degree program:

  • Are additional courses, instruction, staff or faculty support necessary? Detail any needs and how they can be met.
  • For programs with different tuition rates and/or revenue share, note that MOUs may be necessary to address those issues, absent formal universitywide agreements. Please note any such issues or arrangements.

Explain the administration of the proposed dual degree:

  • How will the programs work together and with the Graduate School to make student and curricular decisions?
  • Who will provide program oversight for curriculum, standards, policies and procedures?
    • Note that degrees must be awarded simultaneously; consider how units may work together to ensure appropriate double-counting of coursework and coordinated degree planning.

Additional Information:

  • Provide additional information if necessary.