About Faculty Lists

Faculty are listed two different ways in the catalog:

  • Alphabetically in Faculty A–Z
  • Alphabetically by department on each department's Programs of Study page (click the Faculty tab).

Faculty lists can only be edited by the catalog production team. To request an update, please follow the directions below.

Submit an Individual Update

To add, revise or remove a single faculty entry, submit the form below:

Request Faculty Edits

Submit a Batch Update

To submit batch edits to a department's faculty list:

  1. Open a blank Word document.

  2. Access your latest faculty list from the Faculty tab of your department's catalog landing page:

    • From October through March, log in to the catalog development site and navigate to your faculty list. If you don't have access to the site, please go to the current catalog instead.

    • From April through September, go to the live catalog and navigate to your faculty list.

  3. Copy the Faculty tab's contents and paste them into the Word document.

  4. Turn on Word's tracked changes (Review tab > Track Changes button).

  5. Make the necessary changes to the faculty list, including adding new faculty, changing titles and removing departed faculty.

  6. Email your marked-up Word document to catalog@colorado.edu.