Training Documents from Ground School

This section contains all of the training documents that are distributed in ground school. Note that the FOM can be found under the Manuals tab and the list of reccommended UAS websites can be found on the Hepful UAS Websites tab.


Airspace visualization: this is a 2D visualization of differing airspace classes, their typical shapes, and their notations on the sectional chart.

Airspace guide: this is a comprehensive guide to reading a VFR sectional chart and interpreting its symbology, with an emphasis on airspace.

VFR sectional chart legend: interpretation of symbols contained on VFR chart.

VFR sectional chart user's guide: detailed FAA-publication delineating what information is printed on a sectional and how to interpret it.


COA flight checklist: this is a guide for operational concerns to be considered while planning and executing a flight.

UAS operational checklist: this checklist contains typical preflight, during flight, postflight, and emergency procedues for a quadcopter such as a DJI Mavic. Checklists should be modified and specific to UAS type. Here is the world file for this sample checklist - feel free to download it and modify it for your specific UAS. 

Export Controls

FAQ of export control applications to UAS reserarch: document summarizing pertinent information regarding how export control regulations apply to UAS.

Introduction to export controls: basic, high-level information about export control regulations.

FAA Documents

Blanket COA: the full text of the latest blanket area COA, which is applicable to all US-owned airspace. The current collection of all CU-owned COAs can be found in the "Current CU-owned COAs" tab.

Lawrence letter: this letter details the FAA's position on what UAS operations may be operated under hobbyist rules and which UAS operations require operations under FAR107 or a COA.


How to read a METAR: a document to explain how to read Meterological Aerodrome Reports (METARs) and assess whether the weather meets legal minimum requirements. 

ORM: this a risk assessment tool to quantify the risk associated with a given mission. Using this is not required.

Briefings Documents: additional clearifications into what should be inlcuded in the three required briefings.

Review Quiz

If you'd like to self-assess your knowledge of key parts of the trailing curriculum please use the following link to get access to various quizzes: link 

Additional Training Documents

This section contains supplemental documentation to further clarify content taught during ground school.

Standards for Flight Maneuvers


Fixed wing

Ground School PowerPoint Outline

Ground School PP

Additional Training

VO Training Summary

Night Training

How to file a NOTAM