The following websites are introduced in our ground school course and reccommended by Flight Operations to aid in UAS flight planning.


  • Look for TFRs, other UAS NOTAMs.
  • Access to VFR sectional charts with legend; access the legend by clicking on specific city name in the top right corner of the site and zooming out.
  • METAR information; hover over colored dots overlaid on airports depicted on the chart.
  • No longer provides access to Chart Supplement.

FAA Chart Suppelement Resource

  • Access to most current version of Chart Supplement (formerly Airport/Facility Directory), which provides information on airspace reversion.
  • Enter the airport identifier, press enter, and then click the link under "Airport/Navaid Listing" to view the chart supplement.

UAS Registration

  • Register UAS using the "FAR107/Public Aircraft" option.
  • Use only this website for registration - there is no shortage of scam UAS registration websites.


  • Find general airport information.
  • Find airport reference point; coordinates are given near top of page.
  • Find control tower operating hours; look for times in brackets next to frequencies given in the communication section of the page. If there are no bracketed times given, the facility is open continuously. 
  • Find if an airport has instrument approach procedures or not; scroll to instrument procedures section on bottom of webpage.

Flight Service

  • File NOTAMs as required by our COAs.
  • View VFR sectional charts.

CU Export Control

  • Important if you intend to fly outside of the United States or are involving foreign nationals in a UAS project.
  • Not applicable to flights in the US or flights using only US citizens/permanent residents.

CU UAS Policy

  • Establishes role of FOM.
  • Approved by Chancellor.
  • Links to latest FOM.

FAA Special Use Airspace (SUA) Website

  • View active SUA.
  • View altitudes of SUA.
  • View active or soon-to-be-active TFRs.

AFD: Chart Sup.