Academic services

Advising/degree audit

Faculty seeking system access to Campus Solutions and Degree Audit should complete the following two training courses and fill out the CU-SIS Access Request Form. Both systems are useful in working with students in your class providing student information (schedule, contact info, etc.) and tracking degree progress. If you have requested access before but no longer can login, email for assistance.

CU: Intro to CU-SIS Campus Solutions

Find additional instruction and information here.

The following will help you in filling out the CU-SIS Access Request Form

Section 1: User Information

  • HRMS Emplid: Employee ID
  • Leave CU-SIS Emplid and CU-SIS/HRMS OperID blank.
  • Department/Org/Office: College of Music (10362)
  • Employee Type: Faculty
  • Campus: CU Boulder Main

Section 2: Request Type

  • Access Request Type: New User
  • System Access Requested: CU-SIS
  • Required Job Duties: faculty advising, mentor, coach; monitor degree audit

Section 4: Required Signatures

  • Sign the User Signature box using your digital signature. Enter current date.
  • In the Supervisor/Sponsor Name box enter Victoria Ibarra,
  • Click on STEP 1: Submit form to Supervisor. 

Note: Dean John Davis is your Supervisor; Victoria Ibarra is your Sponsor, monitoring submission forms for music. You will be notified by the Registrar Office once your access is approved and active.

Early alert

Have you noticed a student with three or more unexcused absences, multiple late or missed homework assignments and/or low scoring exams/quizzes? Our office wants to know about these students; progress report requests are also handled by this confidential method. Use your CU email address when accessing the form.

Online early alert instructions

  1. Complete the College of Music Online Early Alert Form 
  2. Enter—CU identikey
  3. Click on Organizational Google Apps Account
  4. Enter—CU password
Student Academic Success Center (SASC)

SASC is located in Fleming 190. Find more information on the SASC website.

Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

Faculty services

Schedule a recording session

Our audio services team offers high quality recordings in Grusin Music Hall and the Chamber Hall.

Kevin Harbison, Recording Engineer
Imig Music Building, S218

College of Music Policy Statement: Internal Faculty Recording Projects

Contact a piano technician

Our piano technicians maintain and manage tuning of the College of Music’s 115 pianos, including two 9-foot Steinways in Grusin Music Hall, one 9-foot Hamburg Steinway in the Chamber Hall, one 9-foot Steinway in Macky Auditorium and one 7-foot Steinway in the Music Theatre. If you wish or to use a piano in a recital or if a piano requires maintenance, contact our piano technicians.

Ted Mulcahey, Senior Piano Technician
Imig Music Building, E152

Browse technology resources

Technologhy resources available in the Imig Music Building:

Room CD DVD Cassette Turntable

iPod Input

LCD Projector Overhead Misc.
Grusin x x     x x   Wired+Wrls Mics
C113         x x    
C121 x   x x x   x  
C125 x x x x x x x  
C191 x x     x x x VCR
C199 x x x x x x x VCR
E160 x x     x x   CD RECORDER
N180C x   x x x x    
N180D x   x x x   x  
N1B08 x       x      
N1B59 x x x x x x x VCR
N1B85 x x   x x x   WIRELESS
N1B95 x x x   x x   MIC
N285 x x x x x x x VCR

Technology resources available at Macky Auditorium:

Room CD DVD Cassette Turntable iPod Input LCD Projector Overhead Misellaneous
102 x   x x x      
213 x   x x x x   SMART BOARD
Faculty planning calendar

College of Music planning calendar. To schedule an event, visit the scheduling + promotion page.


Sabbaticals: This page on the Office of Faculty Affairs website provides helpful information about requesting a sabbatical leave of absence. Your sabbatical leave application should be returned to Lauren Petersen,

Make a purchase or complete an expense form

Our financial services team provides HR and finance support to faculty and staff within the College of Music, ensuring that all purchasing and travel is conducted in compliance with university policies and procedures. Visit the financial services page for detailed information and instructions.

Travel info

For travel request forms and information, click here. For university travel information, click here. For questions about travel, contact Casey Klopp at

Request a website edit or submit a story idea

Use the following forms to share website edits and news with the College of Music communications team.

Website edit form
Do you have updates to make to academic information on the College of Music website? Does your bio need to be updated? Complete this form to request an edit(s).

Story submission form
Do you have a great story to share about a your work, or a student or alum? Did you take a photo(s) or impromptu video at an outreach performance or rehearsal? Discover helpful guidelines and complete this form to share the good news.

Get help with a design project

Are you designing an ad for your academic area or studio? Publications Specialist Sabrina Green has developed a guide to ensure your ad is compliant with the CU Boulder's branding and style standards. Download the guide below and reach out to Sabrina if you have further questions.

Publication ad creation guide



Our Academic Services team has developed resources to assist our faculty in recruiting undergraduate students to their programs. Explore recruitment resources.


Contact a committee

Leadership Council
John Davis, Dean

Curriculum Committee
James Brody, Chair

Primary Unit Evaluation Committee
Dan Silver, Chair 

Merit Evalutation Committee
Ryan Gardner 

Academic Policy Committee
Margaret Berg, Co-Chair
Matthew Roeder, Co-Chair

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion + Accountability (DEIA) Committee
Alexis McClain