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Undergraduate Resources

Admission and recruitment ethics

Review this presentation for guidelines on ethical recruitment and admissions.

Tracking students

Using the links below, you can see who has indicated interest in CU Boulder (prospective), who has submitted a music application (applicants) and who has confirmed a decision (enrolling).

Prospective Undergraduate student information

2022 Undergraduate applicants

2022 Enrolling Undergraduate students

    Recruiting activities

    Using the resources below, you can contact high school teachers to set up a visit and request recruitment materials to bring with you. You can also view this recruitment best practices presentation by Veronica McClellan for more information.

    High Schools to Visit

    Sample request for high school visit

    Materials request

    Faculty recruitment task timeline

    Five-year recruiting plans

    Campus visits

    If a student would like to come to campus, you can consider sharing any of the following resources with them to help them with planning.

    Music Day agenda

    Audition day agenda

    Monday through Friday visit

    Graduate resources

    Graduate applicant lists (updated weekly)

    Click on your department name to find a list of graduate applicants and their current status, contact information and more. This information will be updated weekly between October and December, and at least twice weekly between December and April. Please note that internal applicants (MM to DMA, MM to PhD, DMA to PhD) will not appear in these lists since their applications are managed separately from Slate.

    Faculty communication with prospects