Thank you for your interest in the 2021 CU Middle School Honor Band! The purpose of CU Honor Band is to provide a premier musical experience for students throughout Colorado. Our goal is to enhance the opportunity students receive in their school band program by allowing them to meet and perform with other students. 

Dates: Friday, Feb. 26-Saturday, Feb. 27, 2021

For the 2021 CU Middle School Honor Band Festival, we will be offering a robust, dynamic, and engaging online experience!  Details will be clarified and posted here soon, but you can expect to receive high-quality instruction from CU graduate students and exciting content throughout the festival weekend, including instrument masterclasses, elective sessions, and a professionally crafted virtual performance.

View the tentative 2021 schedule >>


The 2021 Honor Band process is 100 percent online (no CD submissions will be accepted). Audition materials are due Nov. 11, 2020.

Notifications of acceptance, as well as audition feedback, will be emailed to directors by mid-December, 2020. 

If selected for the Honor Band, students will be expected to attend all scheduled programming and activities on Feb. 26-27, including attending the Friday evening Wind Symphony-Symphonic Band Concert. All selected participants will be expected to submit a video recording for a virtual performance by January 31.  Music and how to submit this recording will be provided to selected students and directors.

Audition Materials

Middle School Honor Band excerpts for 2021 >>

Audition Process

Students have the option of submitting either an audio file or a video file for their audition recording. If submitting a video, students can receive feedback based on visual aspects of their performance. This will have no impact on a student’s score, and would be for instructional purposes only. For best results, use the best camera available (avoid “selfie mode”).

Step 1: Prepare to record your audition

  1. Prepare the requirements for your instrument. Practice stating your name, grade, school and instrument, and performing the scales and etudes in the order you will record them. 
  2. No metronome is allowed for audition recordings.
  3. Gather the materials you need to record your audition. For best results, make recordings using a high-quality microphone. 

Step 2: Record your audition

  1. Record one student per file, and just one file per student.
  2. Do not alter the audition recording in any way.
  3. Confirm that your file has finalized and is playable. Unplayable audition submissions will not be eligible for scoring.
  4. Save your file name as “LAST NAME_FIRST NAME.mp3” (ex. mckinney_donald.mp3).

Step 3: Submit your audition

All students must submit their audition via the online registration form, using the below links. Note: There is a separate form for each instrument. 

If you are auditioning on more than one instrument (e.g. flute and piccolo, or alto and tenor saxophone), please submit the form for each separate instrument audition.

Step 4: Submit your audition fee

  1. The audition fee is $15 per audition submission (for example, students auditioning on two instruments would pay $30 total). This cost is reduced from previous years due to the online nature of the 2021 festival experience.
    Whomever is paying the student’s audition fee (directors and parents, please connect with each other to determine this for yourselves), please submit your payment via this portal. If you require a pay-by-check option, please email us at
  2. Once registration has closed, we will notify directors whose students submitted auditions, including student names and instruments, and what their payment status is. Unpaid auditions will not be scored.

If you have any questions about Middle School Honor Band, please email us at