Early Music Ensemble in Grusin Music Hall


Welcome to early music at the University of Colorado Boulder College of Music!

The CU Boulder Early Music Ensemble is devoted to the performance and study of music primarily from the 16th-18th centuries, with attention to period style, performance practices and historical context. We present two concerts each semester.

The ensemble is multi-faceted and comprises a Baroque string orchestra that at times adds singers, winds or brass, and a variety of individually formed chamber ensembles for instrumentalists and vocalists. It’s also possible for students to work on solo repertoire.

Both modern and period instruments are used; the college owns nine Baroque bows, Flemish and French style harpsichords and several reproductions of period instruments.

Our goal is to present historically stylistic performances from a repertoire that spans two centuries, and to include a variety of undergraduate and graduate music students regardless of prior interest or expertise.

A recent bequest from Eugene Eaton has brought new visibility to the College of Music’s early music program.