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Bassoon student playing in master class


Welcome to the bassoon studio at the University of Colorado Boulder College of Music!

The bassoon studio maintains eight to 12 students ranging from undergraduate performance, education and double majors to advanced graduates. Professor of Basson Yoshi Ishikawa is the studio teacher and the primary advisor for all bassoon students. He conducts weekly individual lessons and a studio (group performance) class. Graduate teaching assistants, under Ishikawa's guidance, offer one-on-one tutoring on reed dynamics (making), lesson preparation and coaching for chamber music, including bassoon ensembles. The bassoon studio is active and highly collaborative, and students learn from each other in a caring yet competitive environment.

Merit scholarships, graduate assistantships and fellowships are available for qualified students. For more information about the studio and the admission process, please get in touch (see Contact).

yoshi ishikawaYoshiyuki (Yoshi) Ishikawa

Yoshi Ishikawa is a leading bassoonist and pedagogue in the United States, and has performed and taught at the most prestigious schools of music and conservatories in the world. Ishikawa has served as a judge for international competitions held across the country and abroad, including the IDRS Gillet-Fox Competition, the Tokyo Wind and Percussion Competition and the Moscow Conservatory Wind and Percussion Competition. He is the founder and chairman of the Asian Double Reed Association and has served as the president of the International Double Reed Society. Ishikawa has been the professor of bassoon at our College of Music since 1991. Learn more.