Welcome to voice pedagogy at the University of Colorado Boulder College of Music! 

The College of Music voice area has a long history and lineage of strong pedagogical training. Past directors of vocal pedagogy include Berton Coffin and Barbara Doscher—two of the foremost leaders of vocal pedagogy in the 20th century. In addition to coursework, graduate students have opportunities to teach voice as a graduate teaching assistant and through the Continuing Education program. Assistantships are granted to experienced graduate students and a fundamental part of our DMA program. 

Berton Coffin Voice Lab

The study of vocal pedagogy has broadened to encompass not only classical techniques, but also choral, pop, musical theater and other contemporary styles. This has been exemplified in the continued study of acoustic science lead by vocal pedagogues throughout the country. The Berton Coffin Voice Lab includes VoceVista and electroglotograph technologies that help students understand acoustic science and vocal adduction rates, facilitating research in the field.  VoceVista software is considered one of the most reliable programs for acoustic analysis. 

Singing Health Specialist Certificate 

The College of Music’s Singing Health Specialist Certificate incorporates study of speech-language pathology, vocal pedagogy, Alexander Technique and sports psychology. This program can be completed by current CU Boulder undergraduate students in addition to their regular curriculum.  


  • BME Choral General
  • BME Choral
  • MM Voice Performance and Pedagogy
  • DMA Voice Performance and Pedagogy