Macky Auditorium

Performance facilities

Macky Auditorium

This 2,000-seat, century-old auditorium is home to our main stage opera productions, large ensemble concerts and special performances throughout the year.

Grusin Music Hall

The recently renovated Grusin Music Hall seats 500 guests and hosts hundreds of performances every year by faculty, students, small ensembles and guests.

Music Theatre

The 270-seat Music Theatre is the home of the Eklund Opera Program.

Chamber Hall

With 120 stadium-style seats, the Chamber Hall doubles as an acoustic and academic space.

imigWarner Imig Music Building

The college is located primarily in the Warner Imig Music Building, a large complex of practice rooms, faculty studios, offices, ensemble rehearsal areas, seminar facilities and classrooms. An addition to the east side of the building features a 4,300-square-foot rehearsal space with a 35-foot ceiling and acoustical draping. Additional rehearsal and classroom facilities are located in Macky Auditorium.

Waltz Library Howard B. Waltz Music Library

The college’s outstanding Howard B. Waltz Music Library is considered to be among the nation’s most comprehensive. The library contains more than 150,000 volumes, scores, recordings, and periodicals. Computerized facilities are provided for listening to recordings and work stations are available for computer-based reference searching. The Music Library also includes the American Music Research Center, a unique facility dedicated to the discovery of new information about American music. The center sponsors concerts and scholarly activities and serves as an archive for several extensive collections of American music.

CAML and CRUNCH labscrunch lab

The college also features extensive facilities for music technology and electronic music study. The Computer-Assisted Music Laboratories (CAML) are multi-purpose labs designed primarily for classroom instruction. They feature numerous workstations, each with a Musical Instrument Digital Interface, sampling keyboard, and a computer. The CRUNCH lab is a fully-featured electronic music project studio. This lab is optimized for computer music research (including live interactive performance systems), as well as sound recording and editing projects and audio/video production. The Class Piano laboratory is equipped with 12 digital pianos.