Published: Dec. 7, 2021

Imig expansion openingOur best well-wishes to all graduating Music Buffs!


Outstanding Graduating Senior Ariel Flach

Bachelor of Arts in Music

Alexander Bozik (Double Bass)
Portia Pray** (Double Bass)

Bachelor of Music

Justine Barrera (Double Bass Performance)
Ariel Flach*** (Flute Performance)
Eliot Johnson (Cello Performance
Chance Lytle (Voice Performance)
William MacLeod (Jazz Studies)
Chelsea Winborne (Violin Performance)

Bachelor of Music Education

Logan Duschatko (Instrumental / Clarinet)
Ariel Flach*** (Instrumental / Flute)
Shyanne Freeman* (Choral)
Amelia Lindsey (Choral)

* Honors, ** High Honors, *** Highest Honors

Master of Music

Eamon Griffith (Piano Performance)
Stacey Novik (Jazz Performance + Pedagogy)

Doctor of Music

John McKeever (Orchestral Conducting + Literature)