Published: Nov. 3, 2020 By

Nicole PetersThere’s no doubt that applying for college can be an immensely overwhelming process, but fortunately, you’re not alone! As with many things, there are numerous strategies that can aid in wrapping one’s head around such a monumental task. So, take it from someone who’s been there: Completing your application by Dec. 1 is a fantastic way to minimize the stress associated with college applications. 

Do yourself a favor before the holidays

Regardless of the deadline, it is best to have your application completed by Dec. 1, if at all possible. While this may seem early to some, I assure you that you will appreciate being ahead of schedule when we get into the holiday season. As you know, there are plenty of other obligations that come up over the holidays, and it will be a great stress relief to have your college applications complete! Plus, if you are required to submit a pre-screening recording, it will be due on Dec. 1 (for the College of Music and many other music schools across the country), so you might as well submit your entire application at once. 

Impress the faculty 

Submitting your application early gives the faculty at your prospective schools ample time to listen to your recordings thoroughly and reach out to you with any questions or suggestions prior to your audition. This will give you insider knowledge on how to be successful that students who wait to apply may not receive. Not only that, but demonstrating preparedness to your future faculty members will make you stand out among the crowd as well.

Take control of your audition

By submitting your application early, you get first choice in selecting the date and time for your live (or virtual-live, this year) audition. Such an opportunity allows you to organize your various auditions to ensure that you have plenty of preparation time. 

Best of luck to all future Music Buffs! If further questions arise, please contact the Admissions office. We’re here to help. 

Nicole Peters is originally from Ithaca, New York, and is a senior pursuing a Bachelor of Music in flute performance as well as a Certificate in music entrepreneurship and minor in business. When not practicing flute, Nicole can be found hiking and petting any nearby dogs.