Published: Dec. 4, 2012
Entrepreneurship Wednesdays are wrapped up for the semester!
Entrepreneurship Wednesdays are concluded for the semester, but be sure to be on the lookout for the many terrific guests and topics we’ll be sharing in the New Year!
Entrepreneurship Courses for the Spring:
You need electives, right? So why not take some electives that will advance your professional goals!
MUSC 4988 / 5988 The Entrepreneurial Artist
Bring your ideas to life! Students will learn the core principles of entrepreneurship – such as idea formation, venture models, opportunity assessment, market analysis, and strategies for launching a venture – and apply them to their own entrepreneurial ideas.  Lectures, projects, entrepreneur interviews, and case studies will culminate in a feasibility study for an original entrepreneurial concept. Students from all arts disciplines are welcome in this dynamic and interactive course (so tell your friends)! Now cross-listed for undergraduate andgraduate students.
MUSC 4958 Community Performances
Dig into the real-world nuts and bolts of planning and presenting concerts of your music. Learn to program music for all types of audiences and how to handle the logistics of creating a successful concert. Gain confidence speaking about your music. Discuss the role of concerts in the 21st century, and examine new ways of presenting concerts. Course includes classroom theory and practical application, working collaboratively to put on the “Spring Mix” Faculty Tuesday concert, and planning and presentation of your own concert at a local, non-campus venue.

ALUMNI SUCCESS STORY: Keane Southard, composer & pianist

Recent MM recipient Keane Southard is now living in Massachusetts and working full-time as a composer and pianist. He’ll divert from that in 2013 to pursue a Fulbright in Brazil. In a recent note to me Keane said: The ECM and the events, speakers, and services it offered constantly reminded me while I was at CU to think about the entrepreneurial side of being a musician.  By the time I graduated, this kind of thinking was firmly instilled in me and I felt prepared to enter the “real world” as a freelance musician.  Now two years after CU, my career is steadily growing and I know that I have the tools to create my own, and take advantage of whatever opportunities may come my way. Thanks, Keane! Check out his website, which is a terrific model for artists to emulate:


ARTICLES OF THE WEEK: Leadership change at the NEA

Rocco Landesman has stepped down as Chair of the National Endowment for the Arts. Here are a couple articles: the first one is simply the news story of his departure, the second one discusses his last public appearance as Chair.

Resignation announcement:

Government funding of the arts “pathetic.”


ENTREPRENEURIAL THOUGHT OF THE WEEK: thinking entrepreneurially

It’s always nice when a former student gives you feedback on how you’ve helped them. But there was one line in particular from the above Alumni Success Story that especially warmed my heart: By the time I graduated, this kind of thinking was firmly instilled in me…

“This kind of thinking.” One of the biggest challenges in the realm of entrepreneurship education today is this question of evaluating the impact of what we teach. It’s a constant source of discussion and debate at every entrepreneurship conference and listserve I’ve participated in. Does a successful entrepreneurship program automatically result in X number of start-ups, Y number of patents or inventions? Or is there something more subtle to be gained by studying entrepreneurship? Keane speaks to this point when he talks about how his work with the ECM helped develop the way he thought about his career and how he capitalizes on the opportunities that come his way (not to mention create new opportunities entirely). This is the real benefit of learning entrepreneurship: it’s about developing a new way of looking at the world and how your career can flourish within it.

I mention this not to be self-serving, but rather because I continue to encounter misunderstandings about what exactly entrepreneurship is and why it’s important. Entrepreneurship is not merely about starting a business, organization, or group; it’s not merely about invention, financial success, or fame. It’s about developing a set of tools and learning a methodology for applying those tools so that you can successfully go wherever you wish to go with your life. That might indeed mean starting a new venture, but those same tools might just as easily lead to a clearer understanding of your role as an artist in your community, or a more fruitful and powerful direction for your academic research, or becoming a more effective communicator with your audience. These are all difficult things to measure, but nevertheless are things that EVERY music student needs to develop. So go back and read Keane’s quote: if you wish to pursue a career in music, wouldn’t you like to leave CU feeling like you were equipped with “the tools to create your own [career], and take advantage of whatever opportunities may come your way”? If so, check out what the ECM has to offer, or just stop by my office for a chat about your future. You’ll be glad you did!

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The Opportunity UPBEAT! is your weekly listing of job postings and other professional opportunities that come the way of the ECM. Check this space out for jobs, volunteer opportunities, internships, grants, festival auditions, and more!

WESTWOODS CENTER FOR PERFORMNING ARTS is hiring voice and piano instructors to start in January. If interested, contact Shannon Wilson at .

LANDAU MUSIC is now hiring musicians to perform on cruise ships. Destinations include: Europe, Australia, Caribbean, Hawaii, etc. Free Room/Food/Travel. Production shows (Broadway, Pop Review), Headliner shows ,Top 40 sets , Jazz Combo sets, Big Band sets, and more. Our auditions are done online and we are seeking experienced musicians who are are: 1) Solid readers, 2) Proficient in all styles, and 3) Have a great attitude. Positions are currently available for the following instruments:  Keys, Drums, Bass, Guitar, Trumpet, and Sax. For more information, contact Steve Such, Music Manager: 858.755.3320,


THE PHILADELPHIA INTERNATIONAL MUSIC FESTIVAL is now accepting applications for summer study with members of the Philadelphia Orchestra. For more information, visit their website:


THE BANFF CENTER is accepting applications for their summer music program. Deadlines in January. Follow this link:


THE SOUNDSCAPE FESTIVAL is accepting applications for its summer study and professional development seminar, June 30-July 13 in Maccagno, Italy. For more:


THE COLORADO STATE MUSIC TEACHERS ASSOCIATION is currently seeking a Fund development intern to help develop a tuition assistance scholarship fund for pre-college music study. The goal of the fund, once established, is to partially pay music tuition costs for promising young students who cannot afford music lessons. For a full description of this opportunity, stop by the ECM bulletin board and get in touch with Professor Cremaschi.

INTERNSHIPS AVAILABLE! The ECM offers a broad range of internship opportunities for students, ranging from positions with non-profit arts groups to for-profit businesses. Internships can be for academic credit or not, and can often be customized to suit your schedule and interests. If you’re interested, stop by the ECM office and we’ll talk about the options!