Research in algebra at CU Boulder is centered around Lie theory and algebraic combinatorics, algebraic geometry and general algebra.

The principal topics of research in Lie Theory and algebraic combinatorics involve finite structures —Coxeter groups, diagram algebras, groups of Lie type— as well as infinite dimensional ones —infinite dimensional Lie algebras, vertex algebra theory, and graded combinatorial Hopf algebras.

The focus in algebraic geometry is on moduli of curves, Picard groups, abelian varieties, logarithmic geometry, deformation theory.

In general algebra we study general algebraic structures, commutator theory, tame congruence theory, clone theory, the combinatorics of ordered sets and computational problems in algebra.



Sebastian Casalaina-Martin algebraic geometry
Richard Green algebraic combinatorics, representation theory
Keith Kearnes algebra, logic, combinatorics
Peter Mayr algebra, computational complexity
Flor Orosz Hunziker Lie theory, representation theory, vertex algebras
Nat Thiem algebraic combinatorics, representation theory
Jonathan Wise algebraic geometry