Research in analysis at CU Boulder is centered around functional analysis, operator algebras, noncommutative differential geometry, and partial differential equations.


More specific research topics include groupoid C*-algebras arising from dynamical systems and graphs, operator algebraic K-theory, wavelets, index theory, (co)homological methods and deformation theory, wellposedness of dispersive and wave equations, and applications of differential geometry to the study of differential equations arising both in geometry and analysis.



Jeanne Nielsen Clelland geometry of partial differential equations
Magdalena Czubak geometry, partial differential equations
Robin Deeley analysis, topology
Janos Englander analysis, probability
Carla Farsi C*-algebras, non-commutative differential geometry
Jeffrey S. Fox global analysis, analysis on manifolds
Alexander Gorokhovsky analysis, geometry
Judith Packer operator algebras, K-theory, wavelets

Postdoctoral Researchers

Alonso Delfin functional analysis
Menevse Eryuzlu functional analysis
Padi Fuster geometry, partial differential equations
Yining Zhang homological algebra, noncommutative geometry