Marty Walter
Professor Emeritus • Ph.D. California, Irvine, 1971

Research Interests:

W* and C* Algebras, Harmonic Analysis, Environmental Modeling

Select Publications:

  • Earthquakes, Weatherquakes, Mathematics and Climate Change, \jour Notices of the American Math. Society, Volume 47, Number 10, November 2010.
  • Mathematics for the Environment, CRC Press,  Taylor \& Francis Group, A Chapman \& Hall Book, Boca Raton, FL, 2011.
  • Explicit Duality for Finite Groups (with Robert A. Cohen). American Mathematical Society Contemporary Mathematics Series, 414, 2006, 87-96.
  • Introduction to the Mathematics of Populations, Infections and Invasions. Math. Association of America, January 2003.
  • Algebraic Structures Determined by 3 by 3 Matrix Geometry. Proceedings of the American Math. Society, 13 (2003), No. 7, 2129-2131.
  • Self-Organized Criticality and the Atmospheric Sciences: Selected Review, New Findings and Future Directions XE Extreme Events: Developing a Research Agenda for the 21st Century, (with Suraje Dessai). National Center for Atmospheric Research, August 2000, 34-44