The University of Colorado Center for Number Theory has interests spanning number theory, from analytic to algebraic.  There is a focus on arithmetic geometry, including arithmetic dynamics, elliptic curves and higher genus curves.  Another theme is cryptography and coding theory, including elliptic curve cryptography and lattice-based cryptography.  On the analytic side, there is a focus on automorphic forms, analytic number theory and harmonic analysis.  The group also has a long tradition in Diophantine approximation.



Su-ion Ih arithmetic geometry, algebraic geometry
David Grant arithmetic geometry, space-time coding
Eric Stade number theory, special functions
Katherine Stange arithmetic geometry, including elliptic curves and cryptographic applications, as well as Kleinian groups, Diophantine approximation, and lattice-based cryptography
Robert Tubbs transcendental number theory, mathematics and the humanities, mathematics education

Postdoctoral researchers

James Rickards algebraic number theory