The University of Colorado Center for Number Theory has interests spanning number theory, from analytic to algebraic.  There is a focus on arithmetic geometry, including arithmetic dynamics, elliptic curves and higher genus curves.  Another theme is cryptography and coding theory, including elliptic curve cryptography and lattice-based cryptography.  On the analytic side, there is a focus on automorphic forms, analytic number theory and harmonic analysis.  The group also has a long tradition in Diophantine approximation.



Su-ion Ih arithmetic geometry, algebraic geometry
David Grant arithmetic geometry, coding theory
Eric Stade number theory, special functions
Katherine Stange arithmetic geometry, including elliptic curves and cryptographic applications, as well as Kleinian groups, Diophantine approximation, and lattice-based cryptography

Postdoctoral researchers

James Rickards algebraic number theory


Jeff Achter (2023 - 2024)

Arithmetic geometry

Uri Shapira (2023 - 2024)

Homogeneous Dynamics, Ergodic Theory, and applications to Number Theory (especially to Diophantine approximation and the geometry of numbers).


In Memoriam