Alexander Gorokhovsky
Professor • Ph.D. Ohio State University, 1999
Math 316

Research Interests:

Noncommutative Geometry


My research belongs to the area of noncommutative geometry. I am particularly interested in the cyclic cohomology and index theory.   I am interested as well in the deformation quantization and its application to the index  problems.

Select Publications:

  • Bivariant Chern character and longitudinal index. J. Functional Anal. 237 (2006), 105-134.
  • Local index theory over foliation groupoids, (with J. Lott). Adv.  Math.  204 (2006), 413-447.
  • Local index theory over etale groupoids, (with J. Lott).  J. Reine Ange. Math. 560 (2003), 151-198.
  • Secondary characteristic classes and cyclic cohomology of Hopf algebras. Topology  41 (2002),   993-1016.
  • Characters of cycles, equivariant characteristic classes and Fredholm modules. Comm. Math. Physics, 208  no. 1 (1999), 1-23.