Richard Green
Professor • Ph.D., University of Warwick, 1995
Math 313

Research Interests:

Algebraic Combinatorics, Representation Theory


My research is mainly in the areas of algebraic Lie theory, combinatorics and representation theory.  I am particularly interested in Coxeter groups and their Hecke algebras, diagram algebras and related algebras.

Select Publications:

  • Generalized Temperley-Lieb Algebras and Decorated Tangles. J. Knot Theory and Ramifications 7 (1998), 155-171.
  • On 321-avoiding permutations in affine Weyl groups. J. Algebraic Combin. 15 (2002), 241-252.
  • Standard modules for tabular algebras. Alg. and Rep. Theory  7 (2004), 419-440.
  • Freely braided elements in Coxeter groups, II, (with J. Losonczy). Adv. Appl. Math.   33 (2004), 26-39
  • Star reducible Coxeter groups,   Glasgow Math. J.  48 (2006), 583-609.