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More language has been recorded in the last twenty years than in the entirety of human history. Using computer science algorithms, computational linguists can automatically process vast amounts of written and spoken communication in mere moments. This is the mechanism that turns the chaos of billions of individual voices into the symphony that is our civilization. Computational Linguistics is an attempt to manufacture the keys to a library containing the sum total of human knowledge and experience. Many of the answers to our questions already exist; we need artificial intelligence to help us find them. 

The Departments of Linguistics and Computer Science have teamed up to offer the first truly interdisciplinary professional master's in computational linguistics. The CLASIC (Computational Linguistics, Analytics, Search and Informatics) professional master’s degree is geared towards helping students find employment directly after graduation in Natural Language Processing, a growing and lucrative field.

CU is unique in its emphasis on having computational linguists undertake study in Computer Science and Linguistics in equal amounts. Computer science algorithms are needed to model language as a process, but optimal performance can only be achieved through understanding the nuances of language.

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