Panel A
Session #2 | 1:30pm - 3pm | Saturday, Sept 2 | HUMN 190

Jytte Agergaard, University of Copenhagen
Geographical transformations in Nepal: Migration, generation and translocal connections

Jens Seeberg, Aarhus University
Fluid trans-generational dependencies among Gurung (Tamu) families in the aftermath of Gurkha resettlement in the UK

Cameron Warner, Aarhus University
Shifts in Buddhist Ecclesiastical Authority from Tibetan Refugees to Nepali Citizens and Interrelated Migration Patterns

Panel B
Session #3 | 3:30pm - 5pm | Saturday, Sept 2 | HUMN 190

Ankur Datta, South Asian University
Coming of Age, But out of Place: senses of being, masculinity and the past among displaced Kashmiri Pandit youth

Andrew Haxby, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
22 Houses Near the River: Reflections on Reconstruction, Youth and Home

Samuele Poletti, University of Edinburgh
Death, Personhood, and (the enigma of) Empathy in the Sinja Valley of Jumla (Western Nepal)

Karen Valentin, Aarhus University
Routes of hope: Unexpected journeys and extended horizons in Nepali migration

Organizer: Cameron Warner, Aarhus University