Panel A
Session #2 | 1:30pm - 3pm | Saturday, Sept 2 | HUMN 145

Marielle Butters, University of Colorado Boulder
The Sino-Tibetan family: Power and Scholarship in China

Selma Sonntag, University of Colorado Boulder
What happened to the Ahom language? Language politics in Assam

Peng Ruijie, University of Texas at Austin
Nathaniel Sims, UC Santa Barbara
A sociocultural-linguistic investigation into the use of Wechat by Qiang speakers for language maintenance and cultural preservation

Panel B
Session #3 | 3:30pm - 5pm | Saturday, Sept 2 | HUMN 145

Bendi Tso, University of British Columbia
The Dual linguistic hegemonies of Chinese and Amdo Tibetan and their impact on Chone Tibetan and its speakers

Maya Daurio, Independent Scholar
The Place-Based Experience of Language Transmission and Social-Ecological Knowledge

Luke Lindemann, Yale University
The Nepali Royal Language

Organizer: Selma K. Sonntag, University of Colorado Boulder
Discussant: Mark Turin, University of British Columbia