The CU Boulder Jobs applicant tracking system is a comprehensive hiring solution that CU Boulder is implementing in 2018 to hire positions at all levels of the university. The CU Boulder Jobs project is a collaboration with the Department of Human Resources, Office of Information Technology, Strategic Relations and Communications and University Information Systems.

ATS Implementation Project Timeline

Spring/Summer 2017

  • ATS Vendor Selection
  • Campus requirements gathering
  • RFP process completion
  • Phase 1 staff project begins

Fall 2017

  • Configurations
  • Integrations
  • Testing
  • CU Boulder Jobs Website Development 

Spring 2018

  • Training 
  • ATS Launch

Fall 2017

  • Phase 2 project begins
  • Configurations
  • CU Boulder Jobs Website Development 

Spring 2018

  • Configurations
  • Testing

Summer 2018

  • Training 
  • Launch

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Request an Addendum Letter

Provide Interview Feedback

Review Candidates


Hiring faculty or research faculty? View the Faculty Hiring with Avature FAQ's.

In December 2016, HR surveyed 226 hiring leaders across campus to evaluate the level of satisfaction with the current staff and the faculty recruiting and hiring process and the tools used to perform transactions.  Hiring Leaders indicated the current Applicant Tracking System is not meeting all of the business needs of the Boulder campus, specifically with regard to document management and recruit management capabilities.

Document Management Limitations

  • Reporting limitations

  • Data integrity

  • Faculty recruitment needs

Not user Friendly

  • Lack of automation

  • Poor candidate and hiring manager experience

  • Workflow/Access Issues

  • No Dashboards

  • Inconsistent performance and user experience

CU Boulder Jobs (Avature) will bring

  • Automaton of current paper process

  • Easy communication back and forth during review process

  • Approval flow completed within Avature – no DocuSign routing

  • Easy tracking of review and approval statuses

  • Centralized storage of the final approval information

  • Opportunity for HR to build position description templates for certain job classifications

  • Same system for position management and recruiting – eliminates processing time and duplicative effort

  • Improved data collection and reporting

  • The current option for automating position description information, the HCM Non-Person Profile (NPP), is not meeting business needs. The current process is burdensome and inefficient.
    • The user experience and entry into the system is clunky and time-consuming.
    • HCM character limitations limit position information entry.
    • HCM workflow does not include reviewer approval. This requires a separate process in Docusign.
    • Feeding of job content to the applicant tracking system is not functioning, requiring additional email communications and job information re-entry.
    • Job descriptions cannot be printed from the system.
    • There is no workflow tracking position management or job posting status and review.
    • The HCM NPP is not serving as a central repository of job documentation.
  • Due to the current system limitations, campus users and HR are working around the system using emailed Word documents that are included as attachments in the NPP. As a result, Boulder campus HR and departments have reverted to maintaining position description files as word documents.
  • Due to these significant shortcomings, a new applicant tracking system and position management system, CU Boulder Jobs (Avature), is being implemented for the Boulder campus. The CU Boulder Jobs tool is highly configurable to meet specific campus business needs. The system also has the ability to automate the position description approval process using a Position Management Portal and can sync the position description content and workflow with the job posting and recruiting process all in the same system, providing for a more user-friendly and efficient automated process.

HCM Position Data Entries

  • Department liaisons will no longer need to make HCM Position Data entries to create a new position or change a position’s title. Campus HR will update the HCM Position and Funding Data information after the position description is reviewed and approved in the Position Management Portal. Position data and funding changes not requiring a position description review will be entered in HCM by department liaisons or the HR Service Center according to current processes and is not changing.


What you do today

What you'll do with CU Boulder Jobs (Avature)

 Creating a position

Emails, word documents and HCM entries

  • Draft position description on word document template or from scratch
  • Route via email for review and approval
  • May or may not create position number in HCM
  • May or may not make HCM Position Data entries to create a new position or change a position’s title
  • May or may not make HCM Non Person Profile entries to capture job duties, qualifications and other position requirements for HCM and Taleo data fields.
  • Position data and funding changes not requiring a position description review will be entered in HCM by department liaisons or the HR Service Center according to current processes and is not changing.
  • Track status through email and phone calls

​ Creating a position

A Position Management Portal

  • The Boulder campus will use the Position Management Portal to create, review, and approve staff position descriptions.
  • Position descriptions will no longer use the offline process of Word document creation and DocuSign signature routing. All review workflows, comment tracking and approval routing will be done online in the Position Management Portal. CU Boulder Jobs will allow workflow tracking from position management through recruitment.
    • Current position description content for occupied positions updated within the last several years will be loaded by HR in the Position Management Portal for department, hiring managers and employees to use upon implementation or shortly after.
    • The Position Management & Compensation team will update HCM Position and Funding Data information after the position description is reviewed and approved in the Position Management Portal.  Positon data and funding changes not requiring a position description review will be entered in HCM by department liaisons or the HR Service Center according to current processes and is not changing.
    • Hiring managers and department liaisons can easily access current position descriptions in the Position Management Portal.
    • Employees can log in to the system to see their current position description.
    • Position descriptions in the Position Management Portal can be printed if needed.
    • Frequently used position description content can be set up in the system as a template to make creating similar new positions fast and easy.
    • Departments will not need to maintain separate position management files.
    • The Boulder campus will no longer use the Non-Person Profile (NPP) in HCM for position descriptions or to feed position content to Taleo.

 Addendums and Offer Letters

  • Draft addendum and offer letters
  • Find the most current and correct template to use
  • Set up the letter content in DocuSign including approval email routing

 Addendums and Offer Letters

  • Documentation needed for a personnel action change, , i.e. addendum letters, will be initiated through the Position Management Portal. Hiring managers and department liaisons will request addendums through the Position Management Portal for HR to initiate. Review and approval processes will be done through the Position Management Portal.
  • Offer letters will be initiated, reviewed and approved through the CU Boulder Jobs system.

 Candidate user experience 

  • Search for or browse jobs on website
  • Apply for job and/or keep coming back to search

​ Candidate user experience

  • Search for or browse jobs on website
  • Create job alerts in areas of interest
  • Join a talent community to stay engaged with CU as prospective employer

 Reviewing candidates

Emails, word documents, spreadsheets

  • Receive applicant materials via email
  • Track and provide feedback in excel spreadsheet

​ Reviewing candidates

A Hiring Manager Portal

  • Review applicant materials in hiring manager portal
  • Track, review and provide feedback via hiring manager portal

  • Position description content that is currently captured in a Word document is not changing. The tool being used to capture the content is changing from Word to CU Boulder Jobs. The position description entry form in the Position Management Portal is very similar to the current position description form and will look and feel familiar to users.
  • Hiring managers and department liaisons will continue to be responsible for assigning and documenting the work of their positions. Campus HR will continue to be responsible for reviewing the work assigned for appropriate classification and compensation on the campus.
  • Position descriptions will still have the same approvals, but instead of signature approvals to be routed in DocuSign, the approvals will be automated and tracked directly in the Position Management Portal.
  • Hiring managers, department liaisons, and Boulder campus HR will continue to work closely in collaboration on position management and compensation needs for each department.

HR will:

  • Post the job to the applicant tracking system/career site (Avature)
    • Department would still create the job ad and determine the content and posting length of positions.
    • Department would still post the job with additional relevant job boards and share job with relevant networks.
  • Provide technical support to applicants related to use of the applicant tracking system, including assistance with uploading/editing/adding application materials
    • Any changes to application materials would be done in accordance with specific instructions from the hiring department on what/when documents can (if any) be edited/added.
  • Initiate letters of recommendation collection process
    • Hiring department determines when and for whom they wish to collect letters of recommendation.
  • Provide access to application materials to search committee members
  • Disposition candidates
    • This includes marking in the applicant tracking system which step in the hiring process each applicant reached (interview, finalist).
    • This also includes marking candidates as not selected, hired, and withdrawn as appropriate.
    • Hiring department will make all of the decisions regarding applicants and will feed this data to Human Resources to capture the data accurately in the applicant tracking system, a necessary step to ensure Affirmative Action compliance and to allow for data analysis on diversity outreach efforts for the campus.
  •  Provide Applicant communication (where appropriate/requested)
    • Upon request, notify applicants not selected in the hiring process of their status. Hiring departments identify when and who they would like Human Resources to notify.
  • Identify the search as complete in the applicant tracking system
    • As requested, Human Resources can feed applicant foundational information (EEO data, name, address, contact, date of birth, SSN#) from Avature to HCM and appropriate data to the offer letter process to simplify the offer letter process and data entry of the new hire in HCM.
    • Finalizing the actual entry in HCM and the approval in HCM would still be completed by relevant parties in, say, Law, Leeds, or the HR Service Center already doing this work.

  • Human Resources can discuss and address posting and document retention needs with individual departments.

  • HR is building an integration with Hireright. We will discuss with departments to see if it makes sense to handle your background checks through Avature.

  • Technical support will be provided by 5-Help. Assistance with the position management and recruitment processes will be provided by CU Boulder Human Resources.

  • Candidates searching for jobs at CU Boulder will access postings through a new CU Boulder Jobs website. Candidates looking for jobs on the other CU campuses will continue to search on the CU Careers site. Both sites will clearly direct candidates to the appropriate website.

  • Staff positons:  No, campus leadership decided that we needed campus wide consistent brand so employees know who they are working for.  However, on-boarding will continue to be customized by department.
  • Faculty and Research Faculty:  Yes, offer letters and addendums will continue to be created as they are now.

  • No, applicants can browse and sign up for job alerts and talent community without sign- on credentials. Candidates only need to register in system if applying for a position.

  • Yes. HR can specify what documents to request and it will be clear what documents are attached. You can also specify between optional and required documents. Search committees will also be able to easily access clearly titled documents.

  • HR needs to determine how best to handle that and will discuss with each department.

  • This was on the initial requirements list, and is something we are looking into.

  • HR will meet with departments to determine your process and best way to address in the new system.