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HireVue provides on-demand digital interviews that can be recorded by candidates and viewed by managers any time from any device.

  • Flexibility to take and review interviews at any time makes this tool ideal for evaluating 6 or more candidates and allows for a more inclusive search experience by increasing the number of candidates in the initial interview step.
  • Recorded video interviews allow you to analyze and gain insight into candidates’ skills and experience, and capture feedback and analysis in a standardized process.
  • With HireVue, you can screen more people in less time, gain important information, and make more informed hiring decisions.

Talk with your recruiter if you are interested in using HireView. 

Who to Contact

Reference checks should be completed on your final applicant before making an offer. Reference checks give the hiring manager great insight into an applicant’s past job performance, which is a likely indicator of future job performance. Skill Survey is our campus tool to complete reference checks.

  • Skill Survey is a web-based system that automates the process of receiving feedback from references.
  • The information collected provides insight into a candidate’s future job performance by offering insight about their past performance from managers and peers. 
  • SkillSurvey is comprised of job-specific surveys on critical behaviors and skills that correlate with success in a given type of job.
  • The reference check process is approved by candidates when they sign a consent form that releases their references from legal liability. 
  • Through the system, candidates then invite their references to complete the online questionnaire.  The release and the system provide a confidential forum for references to offer the candid feedback essential to making an informed hiring decision.

Talk with your recruiter if you are interested in using SkillSurvey.

CU Boulder Jobs ATS (Avature)

The CU Boulder Jobs applicant tracking system is a comprehensive hiring solution that CU Boulder implemented in 2018 to hire positions at all levels of the university. The CU Boulder Jobs project has been a collaboration with the Department of Human Resources, Office of Information Technology, Strategic Relations and Communications and University Information Systems.

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