Why contact your department first? Your department should be your first contact because they'll set the guidelines and requirements for their honors students. Some departments require students to apply to pursue honors in the department (and be accepted) before the honors project can begin. Students considering a General Honors thesis project should start here.

What is the Honors Council? The Honors Council is a body of faculty made up of representatives from each Honors Program-participating department within the College of Arts and Sciences. Honors Council representatives, on behalf of their departments, set departmental requirements for honors theses, including thesis format, research methods, and thesis class requirements. Students should always start by contacting the Honors Council representative(s) for their major. The Honors Council meets in April and November to award honors designations, first in divisional subcommittees and then as a full council.

Honors Council Representatives

(Departments: need to update your representatives on this list? Email honors@colorado.edu.)

Department Honors Council Representative(s) Email
Anthropology Carla Jones carla.jones@colorado.edu
  Robin Bernstein robin.bernstein@colorado.edu
  Douglas Bamforth bamforth@colorado.edu
Applied Math Anne Dougherty anne.dougherty@colorado.edu
Art and Art History Art Practices: TBD TBD
  Art History: Robert Nauman robert.nauman@colorado.edu
Asian Languages and Civilizations Katherine Alexander katherine.alexander@colorado.edu
Asian Studies J. Colleen Berry colleen.berry@colorado.edu
Astrophysical and Planetary Sciences Ann-Marie Madigan annmarie.madigan@colorado.edu
Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences Derek Brown derek.brown@colorado.edu
Chemistry and Biochemistry Biochemistry: Jeffrey Cameron jeffrey.c.cameron@colorado.edu
  Biochemistry: Xuedong Liu xuedong.liu@colorado.edu
  Chemistry: Robert Parson robert.parson@colorado.edu
Classics Diane Conlin diane.conlin@colorado.edu
Communication Cindy White cindy.white@colorado.edu
Computer Science Shiv Misra shivakaht.mishra@colorado.edu
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Barbara Demmig-Adams barbara.demmig-adams@colorado.edu
  Pieter Johnson pieter.johnson@colorado.edu
Economics Martin Boileau boileau@colorado.edu
  Terra McKinnish terra.mckinnish@colorado.edu
English Creative Writing: Noah Eli Gordon noah.gordon@colorado.edu
  Emily Harrington harrington@colorado.edu
  Jeremy Green jeremy.green@colorado.edu
Environmental Design Georgia Lindsay georgia.lindsay@colorado.edu
  Emily Greenwood greenwer@colorado.edu
Environmental Studies Dale Miller dale.miller@colorado.edu
Ethnic Studies Joanne Belknap joanne.belknap@colorado.edu
Film Studies Melinda Barlow melinda.barlow@colorado.edu
French and Italian Michela Ardizzoni michela.ardizzoni@colorado.edu
Geography Bill Travis william.travis@colorado.edu
  Mike Dwyer mike.dwyer@colorado.edu
  Holly Barnard holly.barnard@colorado.edu
Geological Sciences Charles Stern charles.stern@colorado.edu
Germanic and Slavic Languages and Literatures Jillian Porter jillian.porter@colorado.edu
History Matthew Gerber matthew.gerber@colorado.edu
Humanities Paul Gordon paul.gordon@colorado.edu
Integrative Physiology Mark Opp mark.opp@colorado.edu
  Alena Grabowski alena.grabowski@colorado.edu
International Affairs Shuang Zhang shuang.zhang@colorado.edu
  Lucy Chester lucy.chester@colorado.edu
Jewish Studies Contact Department  
Linguistics Zygmunt Frajzyngier zygmunt.frajzyngier@colorado.edu
Mathematics Nathaniel Thiem nathaniel.thiem@colorado.edu
  Magdalena Czubak magda.czubak@colorado.edu
Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology Brian DeDecker dedecker@colorado.edu
  Christy Fillman christy.fillman@colorado.edu
  Jennifer Martin jennifer.m.martin@colorado.edu
  Kevin Jones krjones@colorado.edu
Philosophy Dominic Bailey dominic.bailey@colorado.edu
Physics Michael Ritzwoller michael.ritzwoller@colorado.edu
  John Cumalat john.p.cumalat@colorado.edu
  Paul Beale paul.beale@colorado.edu
  Tobin Munsat tobin.munsat@colorado.edu
Political Science Jennifer Fitzgerald jennifer.fitzgerald@colorado.edu
  Janet Donavan janet.donavan@colorado.edu
Psychology and Neuroscience Mark Whisman mark.whisman@colorado.edu
  Heidi Day heidi.day@colorado.edu
  Eliana Colunga eliana.colunga@colorado.edu
  Michael Saddoris michael.saddoris@colorado.edu
Religious Studies Deborah Whitehead deborah.whitehead@colorado.edu
Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences Kathryn Arehart kathryn.arehart@colorado.edu
Sociology Amy Wilkins amy.wilkins@colorado.edu
Spanish and Portuguese Juan Herrero-Senés juan.herrero-senes@colorado.edu
Theatre and Dance Ted Stark theodore.stark@colorado.edu
  Bud Coleman bud.coleman@colorado.edu
Women and Gender Studies Deepti Misri deepti.misri@colorado.edu
General Honors Janet Jacobs jacobsjl@colorado.edu
  Paul Strom paul.strom@colorado.edu
  Daniel Jones daniel.c.jones@colorado.edu
  E. Christian Kopff (on sabbatical Spring 2018) e.kopff@colorado.edu
  Abby Hickcox abby.hickcox@colorado.edu
  Alphonse Keasley alphonse.keasley@colorado.edu