Graduating with Honors in Applied Math

Applied Math majors may graduate with a Departmental Honors designation on their diploma.

In the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences, an honors designation can be achieved by a grade point average of 3.7 or higher or by writing an honors thesis and following the guidelines for A&S honors. It is possible to receive double honors in Engineering by having a high GPA and by writing and defending a thesis.

College of Engineering, Latin Honors based on GPA

Latin Honors based on a thesis: It is possible to receive honors by writing and defending a thesis.  To be eligible for Departmental Honors in Applied Mathematics, a student must complete an original piece of research and write and defend an honors thesis, following the guidelines found here
Find an Advisor:  It is never too early to start.  Get to know your faculty as early as your first semester at CU.  Go to office hours.  Read the information on their webpage and ask them questions.  You don't have to have a well-defined project - most advisors will work with you to define a topic which fits your skills and interests as well as their own research specialties.  
You can receive academic credit for your thesis work, if you wish and if your thesis advisor approves, by registering for APPM 4840. Up to 3 credits of APPM 4840 may be applied to your upper-division APPM coursework requirements.