Undergraduate students in the College are eligible for two degree honors designations after all coursework has been completed and the degree has posted to the student's transcript.  Both of these honors display on the student's transcript and diploma.

Latin Honors

If a student's cumulative CU GPA (all coursework in the Undergraduate Career GPA on the CU transcript) is at least 3.700, the student will automatically receive a Latinate honor.  A GPA of 3.700-3.799 earns the "cum laude" designation (a medal with a green ribbon is worn during graduation ceremonies), 3.800-3.899 earns "magna cum laude" (a medal with a red ribbon is worn during graduation ceremonies), and 3.900-4.000 earns "summa cum laude" (a medal with a purple ribbon is worn during graduation ceremonies).

Engineering Honors Program

Students in the Engineering Honors Program who complete a specific set of requirements may be eligible to earn "with Honors" at graduation.  If earned, a medal with a white ribbon is worn during graduation ceremonies.

Departmental Honors

Applied Mathematics and Engineering Physics students may be eligible to earn College of Arts & Sciences departmental honors at graduation by writing and defending an honors thesis. Reach out to a departmental contact for more information.