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As a grad student, your daily schedule can sometimes feel overwhelming, as you make an effort to balance coursework with teaching, employment, friends, family and other responsibilities. As a result, it can feel like there’s not enough time to take care of yourself. To help better meet the needs of graduate students, Counseling and Psychiatric Services (CAPS) has launched a number of programs to help you easily access support services online.

Virtual counseling

CAPS offers virtual one-on-one counseling services for graduate students through telehealth. If you’re new to CU Boulder or haven’t been seen in the past year, you can schedule an appointment online through your MyCUHealth portal. Students who have a CAPS provider can connect with their provider or call 303-492-2277 to schedule an appointment.

If you are having thoughts of suicide, self-harm or are experiencing a crisis, please contact the 24/7 crisis line at 303-492-2277 to get connected with immediate help.

Graduate-specific counseling groups

CAPS also offers virtual process groups specifically for graduate students, including a general process group, a women’s group and a men’s group. Meeting times are based on group member availability, so they can be built around your schedule. Additional process and skill-based groups are available. You can explore all of the options for process groups and skill-based groups online.

If you are interested in joining a group, please contact CAPS at 303-492-2277 or schedule a screening appointment through your MyCUHealth portal

e-Let’s Talk

e-Let’s Talk provides free, informal and confidential consultations with a counselor online through telehealth. Students do not need to complete a screening or be an established client with CAPS in order to access the e-Let’s Talk program. This service is great for graduate students who:

  • Aren’t sure about counseling or are looking to explore their options;

  • Have a specific problem or concern that they would like to talk through with a professional counselor; or,

  • Have a concern about a friend or family member and would like ideas about what to do.

A full schedule of e-Let’s Talk hours and providers is available on the CAPS website


If you are looking to move at your own pace, SilverCloud Health is a great option. This online portal is free for students, graduate students, staff and faculty. It is a self-paced tool that allows users to explore three emotional health topics: anxiety, depression and stress. Each module offers information, tips and techniques for improved emotional well-being. SilverCloud helps individuals identify and enhance strengths and skills, learn techniques to overcome and manage symptoms of low mood and depression and develop coping skills to combat anxiety and anxious thoughts. 

Health and Wellness resources

There are a number of great resources available to support your overall health and wellness, including:

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