Thursday Workshop Series

Thursdays, 12:00 - 1:00 PM, CASE E351

TIGER Workshops

Thursday workshops focus on topics that include teaching methods, inclusive excellence, and professional development



September 19, 2019

International Students in the Classroom: Teaching tips

Roberto Arruda, Director of International Student Academic Success

This 50-minute workshop is meant to broadly address some common issues involving international students’ academic performance. The workshops below address these topics more in-depth. Topics discussed will include: how intercultural communication may affect international students’ experiences, addressing different learning styles in the classroom, and assessing international student learning.

September 26, 2019

CVs and Resumes

Cat Wilson, Graduate Student Career Development Advisor

Confused about your CV? Rattled about your résumé? In this 60 minute presentation we will cover CVs and résumés, including formatting, content, how to write about your work, and how to decide which document to use in a given job application.

October 3, 2019

Teach Like a Pro: The international student in the classroom

Alana Brack, Masters Student, Japanese; Irfan Alam, Doctoral Student, EBIO; Wenfei Wang, Masters Student, Chinese; Danica Petrovska, Doctoral Student, French; CTL Leads

Teaching and engaging with international students may not be an easy task at times, but an attempt to engage students should be made. We should first ask ourselves these questions: Who are international students? What difficulties do they face when living and studying in the United States? What kind of culture shock might they experience when engaged in class discussion or working in groups with their American counterparts? What kinds of social pressure might drive them into solitude and isolation? By responding to these questions, this workshop aims to provide insight on the viewpoints and learning styles of international students at CU Boulder, offer tips on engaging this group in the classroom, and incite reflections and discussions by working through different case studies.

October 10, 2019

Academic Misconduct: Is it really an issue at CU?

Maggie Higgins, Conduct Coordinator, Honor Code and Student Conduct, Student Conduct & Conflict Resolution

Participants will get an overview of how many reports were made to the Honor Code, what the violations and outcomes were, and when violations frequently occur. Participants will gain insight to the Honor Code Process at CU and understand how to report suspected violations.

October 17, 2019

The Effective Teaching Portfolio as Preparation for a College Teaching Career

Marcia Yonemoto, Professor, History

This workshop will focus on how college faculty are evaluated with regard to teaching, and on assembling a teaching portfolio that emphasizes the quality and scope of an individual’s teaching.

October 24, 2019

The Diversity Statement

Teresa D. Hernandez, MNM, Diversity Search and Outreach Program Manager, Human Resources and Corinna S. Rohse, Director, Student Academic Success Center, CU Boulder

Your diversity statement demonstrates your commitment to practicing inclusion in your teaching, research, and service. How do you write it? Who reads it? And what impact does it have on faculty hiring? Together we will 1) define its function in your job application; 2) discuss current controversies around this new requirement; and 3) learn from hit-or-miss samples.

October 31, 2019

Emotion and Empathy in the Classroom

Phuong Vuong, MFA Student, Creative Writing; Miriam Clayton, Doctoral Student, Psychology; Meg Madorin, MFA Student, Dance; Lau Malaver, Doctoral Student, Ethnic Studies; CTL Leads

This workshop begins a conversation about emotion within the academy and how emotions and identities influence student outcomes and learning. We will discuss emotional responses, processing with empathy, and strategies to address emotions as they occur in the moment. Participants will identify and practice ways to address emotional tension.