All CU Boulder educators, including tenured and tenure-track faculty, instructors of all ranks, and graduate student instructors, are welcome to schedule a teaching consultation. Work one-on-one with a CTL or ASSETT staff member to discuss any aspect of your teaching, large or small. 

Consultation topics can include: 

  • Adapting to remote or hybrid modalities
  • Increasing student engagement and building community in classes of all size, including large lectures
  • Equitable and culturally responsive teaching
  • Designing or redesigning a course; syllabus considerations 
  • Assessment and grading or ungrading strategies, including design and implementation of rubrics 
  • Incorporating innovative teaching strategies or particular instructional technologies 
  • Discussing CTL/ASSETT programming and certificates 
  • Class observations, with or without student feedback (if you are a graduate student teacher looking to complete a VTC, please contact your current departmental Lead

… and absolutely anything else relating to your teaching! 

Fill out the form below, and one of our staff members will be in touch to schedule a free, confidential consultation with you. We’re never too busy to meet at any time of year!