The Center for Teaching and Learning seeks applications for a new, timely, year-long faculty fellowship program focused on emerging needs and focus on student wellness in teaching and classroom contexts. 

Recent years have witnessed an unprecedented rise in mental health concerns in higher education that have a profound impact on student learning, engagement, and retention.  

This cohorted program provides faculty a forum to investigate how we can proactively understand and better address the mental health issues in a classroom in a way that enhances support and learning for students while also supporting instructor needs.  

Faculty fellows will identify emergent needs in this rapidly evolving landscape, envision how to address student mental health in their own teaching and learning, and envision how their own teaching and campus can proactively address these needs in the coming years. Through this program, faculty will have the opportunity to identify and address the pressing student mental health needs within this rapidly changing learning landscape in higher education. They will explore and envision how to adapt their own teaching and learning goals for the next 3 to 5 years, while considering the role of student mental health in achieving those goals.

In monthly meetings, participants engage in in-depth conversations with the CTL Director, Staff and other campus experts and work collectively over the course of an academic year to advance a project or projects the group identifies as promising in proactively adapting their teaching methodologies to enhance the learning experience for their students while providing a supportive environment in the current mental health landscape.

We invite interested faculty members (TTT and Teaching Professors) to submit their applications for this unique opportunity to be part of this program by October 1, 2023. Applicants should provide:

  1. A one-page statement of interest
  2. A CV
  3. A brief statement from a chair or director expressing support for participation in the program.

Participants will receive $1,500 in a research account at the conclusion of the academic year.