What’s a TAR/TAR-AH Project?

TAR/TAR-AH projects are small, discipline-based educational research projects designed by STEM or Arts & Humanities graduate students to improve their own teaching and the quality of undergraduate learning.  Graduate students work with the TIGER Coordinator to develop and implement the TAR projects and write up their findings. 

If interested, please fill out the TAR/TAR-AH Application below or contact the TIGER Coordinator, Dr. Adam Blanford, at gtptiger@colorado.edu.


  • Exposure to discipline-based education research.

  • Gain experience in designing and implementing a research project.

  • Professional development by establishing yourself as a scholar of teaching and learning.

  • Opportunity to add to your CV through poster presentations or publication.

  • $500 for your time and effort on the project (to be paid on completion).


1) Faculty advisor's permission to be a TAR fellow is required.

2) Must have a faculty mentor.  This may be your faculty advisor, a faculty member interested in your research, or the TIGER Coordinator.

3) TAR or TAR-AH fellows must be in good standing in their departments.

4) Completion of Human Subjects Research certification (see below)

Apply for TAR/TAR-AH Project

Developing a TAR/TAR-AH Project