Resources for Teaching and Learning

CIRTL Network

Center for Integration of Research, Teaching and Learning - Committed to advancing the teaching of STEM disciplines in higher education.

Periodic Table of Visualization Methods

Interactive periodic table with pop up visualization graphics.

The National Teaching & Learning Forum

Published six times during the academic year, NTLF covers the breadth of college teaching and learning issues.


Resources for Teaching with Technology

VTC Cameras

Here you can find written and video instructions for using the VTC cameras borrowable by Leads from the GTP Office.

Desire2Learn online learning

Desire2Learn is CU-Boulder's online learning environment. Two types of Desire2Learn courses can be requested.

Google Apps

CU Google applications and support.


CU Clickers allows students to participate in classes and answer questions provided by the instructor.  

In-office Desktop Support

Dispatched in-office support.


Educational multimedia content.


Rich media streaming service that supports audio and video streams.

Mediasite classroom capture

This technology automatically captures, stores and indexes classroom-related audio and video from faculty lectures or special events. 


An easy-to-use, full-featured, web-based tool for creating and conducting online surveys. 

Teaching & learning tools navigator

Web-based guide helps faculty select and effectively use the tools that are best suited to what they want to accomplish and to their technology preferences.


People can have asynchronous group conversations around images, documents, videos and presentations they upload to the site. 

Walk-in Desktop Support

Walk-in desktop support for university-provided and personally owned devices.