Teaching Institute for Graduate Education Research (TIGER)

TIGER ImgThe Teaching Institute for Graduate Education Research (TIGER) works with graduate students to enhance the quality of their teaching and prepare them for future leadership roles through workshops, annual training events, and the development of “teaching-as-research” (TAR) projects. TIGER workshops offer teacher training and professional development strategies in accordance with the core ideas of the national Center for the Integration of Research, Teaching, and Learning (CIRTL) Network. Annual training events like Research on Academic Retention (ROAR) provide in-depth training on timely topics in teaching and learning. Through TAR projects, we show graduate students how to establish creative synergy between their research and teaching through the development of small-scale classroom assessment projects. Recently, TIGER expanded its scope through the development of Teaching-as-Research in Arts and Humanities (TARAH) projects to improve classroom teaching and student learning.

We recently completed an edited volume, "Teaching-as-Research Projects at CU Boulder: A Volume of Projects done by the Teaching Institute for Graduate Education Research," which contains selected Teaching-as-Research projects conducted at CU Boulder during the last seven years.  The volume can be found by clicking here: TAR Edited Volume

If you have any questions regarding TIGER, please contact Dr. Adam Blanford, TIGER Coordinator, at gtptiger@colorado.edu.

Please see below for a full list of TIGER activities. 



TIGER supports graduate education research through the following activities: