The Graduate School of the University of Colorado Boulder considers the employment and training of graduate teachers to be a professional apprenticeship that shapes the professoriate of the future. To recognize graduate teachers who devote time to improve their teaching, the Graduate School offers the Certificate in College Teaching (CCT) through our program.  Although such certificates are not official recognized at the state or college level, more than 80 research institutions offer similar certificates to graduate students.  Moreover, those who have earned the CCT report that it is an asset to those seeking teaching appointments.

As of January 26th, 2018, the Graduate Teacher Program has implemented a new sign-in system for our workshops and events. If you would like to check your progress beginning on this date, you can go to Please be aware that the process of integrating the former system with the new system will take time. If you would like to check your status in the traditional way, you can still email us at or If you would like to complete your registration in the new database before attending any workshops or events, the site is open to anyone with an identikey.

Please contact the Graduate Teacher Program office at (303) 492-4902 when you are ready to submit your materials. Submit to