Awards for Outstanding Achievement in Graduate Leadership

Graduate Teacher Program Concludes its 2016-2017 Offerings with Capstone Event and Projects

May 2, 2017

Lead Graduate Teachers from the Graduate Teacher Program feasted and fraternized on April 7, 2017 during the program’s annual Capstone Event at the University Memorial Center. The GTP hires representatives (or Leads) from some 50 departments on campus and trains them in college pedagogy, consultation of college teaching, academic management,...

Eben Yonnetti studying buddhist texts

2017 Provost’s Fellowship for the University Libraries: Eben Yonnetti

April 25, 2017

As the 2017 Provost’s Fellow for the University Libraries , Religious Studies graduate student Eben Yonnetti catalogued and created first-ever bibliographic entries for approximately six hundred volumes of Tibetan texts donated to Norlin Library by the Tsadra Foundation. Read more about his fascinating research. The Provost’s Fellowship for the University...

Tim Foley for The Chronicle

The Art of the Campus Interview

Feb. 3, 2017

I asked my mentor for advice before leaving for my first campus interview. It was 2015, I was about to finish my dissertation, and I was off to interview...

Spring 2017 Workshops

Spring 2017 Workshops

Feb. 1, 2017

The GTP Spring Workshops begin the week of January 30 and run through March 24. For the spring semester, we’re offering five different series.