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Fee Waiver FAQ

All students employed as Graduate Assistants, Teaching Assistants, Research Assistants or Graduate Part-Time Instructors, who work at least 12 weeks during a semester at 20% time or greater.

All mandatory student fees that are paid by all traditional degree-seeking graduate students according to their enrollment and student status. See the full list on the Bursar's Office website.

The one-time new student fee, the immigration compliance fee, the Law Graduate Fee, Law Student SVCS/Activity Fee, and any voluntary fees are not covered.

The university will cover the mandatory fees that are charged according to the student status. Therefore, if a student is being charged reduced fees and decides to voluntarily add on full fees, the university will cover the original fees and the student will be responsible for the difference.

The campus will be covering the cost of fees for all general-funded positions. Starting with Fall 2022 any positions funded by gift or auxiliary funds will be expected to cover fees from those sources. For all RAs supported by fund 30 or fund 12s the campus will cover the cost of fees until Fall 2023 term and then will be covered by the funding source.

Fee remission will be triggered by the tuition waiver being entered into Campus Solutions.

Instructional Positions (TA & GPTI) 

Non-Instructional Postions (RA & GA)

Student Faculty Offer Letters

Tuition Remission Training

Tuition Remission Training is offered twice a year prior to the beginning of the fall and spring terms. View a copy of the presentation (most recently presented in July 2023) and a recording of the Fall 2023 Tuition Remission Training.

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