For Faculty or Staff Concerned About Students

Resources to Provide Students in Distress

Graduate studies can be exhilarating, challenging, and, at times, overwhelming. It is rarely mistaken as being an "easy" route by anyone's measure, and if you find you have entered a particularly difficult time period, know that you are not alone.

Conflict Resolution and Student Grievances 

  • Ombuds Office – A confidential place to surface, voice, clarify and discuss university-related issues. Can help graduate students identify options to resolve disputes, to determine a course of action and to aid in the informal resolution of conflicts and concerns.

  • Student Support and Case Management - A team which can connect students with resources & support on multiple fronts.

  • Student Conduct & Conflict Resolution – This office can help manage & resolve conflicts, including with other students.

  • Student Legal Services - Services to help students resolve or minimize their legal situations. 

  • Graduate School Grievance Process and Procedures - A process to address academic grievances through a two part process involving the academic unit and the Graduate School.

Additional Off-Campus Resources