1. In order to be eligible to hold a graduate appointment students must be enrolled full-time, as a regular degree-seeking graduate student on the Boulder campus.
  2. A Student enrolled in a professional program is not eligible to hold an appointment (i.e. Law, MBA, Professional Master’s), unless they are enrolled in a dual-degree program with a traditional grad department.
  3. A student admitted as a provisional degree student is not eligible to hold an appointment without approval by the Graduate School.
  4. At the discretion of their supervisor and/or home department, graduate students on academic probation may lose their eligibility to hold a graduate level appointment (TA, RA, GPTI, GA).
  5. A student may not be appointed for more than 50% during the academic year. A student may be appointed for 100% during the summer term.
  6. As a benefit of holding a GA, GPTI, TA, or RA appointment, a student receives tuition remission based on the percentage of his/her appointment. Appointments above 20% time also receive a contribution towards the cost of the student gold insurance, dental insurance, and full coverage fo mandatory student fees.
  7. Students must work at least 12 weeks in an academic year semester and a minimum of a full summer session during the summer term to receive tuition remission.
  8. Students are not required to be registered in the summer to hold an appointment; however, if they are registered they are entitled to tuition remission.
  9. A status J1 or F1 international student must have appropriate authorization for any work and not be employed for more than 20 hours per week while classes are in session.
  10. Concurrent (BA/MA) students are not eligible to hold a graduate student appointment until they are considered to be at graduate student status, as defined by the Graduate School.

Revised 2022