The Faculty Teaching Excellence Program has commissioned and published three volumes of revelatory essays on teaching and learning.

On Teaching, Vol. I

Essays in Volume I include topics such as active learning strategies, the continuity of research and teaching, teaching Shakespeare, the scientist as story teller, and professional ethics.

For the full text please visit On Teaching, Vol. I (pdf)  

On Teaching, Vol. II

Volume II has essays on facilitating class discussion, gendered subjects, large lecture environments, ethics in academe, the Socratic method, epistemology, and other topics.

For the full text please visit On Teaching, Vol. II (pdf) 

On Teaching, Vol. III

Volume III has essays on such topics as science teaching, a case for a teaching portfolio, developing an inclusive curriculum, an interview with a University of Colorado at Boulder President's Teaching Scholar.

For the full text please visit On Teaching, Vol. III (pdf) 

The University of Colorado and the Faculty Teaching Excellence Program are committed to embracing diversity in each and every aspect of the campus community. The Faculty Teaching Excellence Program wants to explore the variety of ways in which faculty members enhance diversity in the classroom both between and among students, as well as in the curricula of courses. To that end, we wish to provide these ideas to our community of teachers, scholars, and students.

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