For the full text please visit On Diversity in Teaching and Learning; A Compendium (pdf)

On Diversity in Teaching and Learning; A Compendium presents essays in which University of Colorado faculty discuss ways of honoring diversity in the classroom.  Originally published as a series of individual brochures, the series led the FTEP to be featured in Diversity Digest, Spring 2002, in an article entitled “Faculty Leading Faculty: University of Colorado, Boulder Reflects on Good Teaching Across Difference.”

The essays grew out of an FTEP program that sought to assemble a Compendium of Good Ideas on Teaching and Learning. Committee members for the program developed a 19-item survey of descriptors that asked students to assess how diversity had affected their learning experiences at CU.  The survey was administered to classes taught by selected faculty on the Boulder campus.

The faculty were then interviewed and asked to comment on the categories in which students had rated them highly.  From the taped conversations, numerous practical teaching tips were assembled.  But since the tips proved inert when removed from their pedagogical context, the faculty were invited to prepare brochures in which the tips were prefaced by a short illustrative narrative.

When distributed to CU faculty, the brochures were so well received that the FTEP decided to collect them into a single volume, which may be purchased through the University Book Center at the University of Colorado.  We hope that the volume will assist you in honoring diversity in your classroom.

Mary Ann Shea, editor


Fostering Diversity in the Classroom: Teaching by Discussion (pdf)
Professor Ron Billingsley
English Department University
Colorado at Boulder

Developing and Teaching an Inclusive Curriculum(pdf)
Senior Instructor Deborah Flick
Women Studies Program
University of Colorado at Boulder

Fostering Diversity in a Medium-Sized Classroom (pdf)
Professor Brenda J. Allen
Communication Department
University of Colorado at Boulder

The Influence of Attitudes, Feelings and Behavior Toward Diversity on Teaching and Learning (pdf)
Professor Lerita Coleman
Department of Psychology
University of Colorado at Boulder

The Nature and Problem of Stereotypes (pdf)
Professor William Wei
Department of History
University of Colorado at Boulder

Dialogue on Diversity in the Classroom (pdf)
Professor Janet Jacobs and Michele D. Simpson
Instructor/ Research Associate
Women Studies Program
University of Colorado at Boulder

Head Trip: A Teaching and Learning Discussion (pdf)
Professor Polly E. McLean
School of Journalism and Mass Communication
University of Colorado at Boulder

Encouraging Participation in the Multicultural Classroom: Using Visual Resources (pdf)
Professor Albert Chong and Professor Claire Farago
Fine Arts Department

Diversity and Education: Sexual Orientations (pdf)
Professor Ralph Hexter
Comparative Literature
University of Colorado at Boulder

Diversity and Language: ESL Students in the University Classroom (pdf)
Anne Bliss, Ph.D.
University Writing Program and ESL Coordinator
University of Colorado at Boulder

Enriching Science through Diversity (pdf)
Margaret Asirvatham
Director, General Chemistry
University of Colorado at Boulder

Diversity, Individual Differences, and Students with Disabilities: Optimizing the Learning Environment (pdf)
Professor Christine Yoshinaga-Itano
Department of Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences