Research Archive

Faculty Teaching Excellence Program created a number of resources to assist instructors. A curated list of research articles can be found in the Research Archive

Below are our written resources on course development and evidence-based teaching.

Getting Started

Whether you're a new faculty member, teaching a new course, or looking to reinvent an old course, our Idea Book on Pedagogy is full of (re)invigorating material.

On Teaching

The Faculty Teaching Excellence Program has commissioned and published three volumes of revelatory essays on teaching and learning.

On Teaching, Vol. I

Essays in Volume I include topics such as active learning strategies, the continuity of research and teaching, teaching Shakespeare, the scientist as story teller, and professional ethics.

On Teaching, Vol. II

Volume II has essays on facilitating class discussion, gendered subjects, large lecture environments, ethics in academe, the Socratic method, epistemology, and other topics.

On Teaching, Vol. III

Volume III has essays on such topics as science teaching, a case for a teaching portfolio, developing an inclusive curriculum, and an interview with a University of Colorado at Boulder President's Teaching Scholar.

The Compendium of Good Ideas on Teaching and Learning

The Compendium of Good Ideas on Teaching and Learning has been developed from interviews with teachers on the Boulder campus who have been cited for excellence in the classroom and contains 113 practical teaching tips. To assist faculty in keeping up with developments in the field of teaching, the Faculty Teaching Excellence Program sifts through the mass of articles written on instructional methods and distributes copies of the best to all tenured faculty. Appearing four to five times each semester, this series is entitled Memo to the Faculty. This is a collection of 180 concrete teaching tips designed to be useful for any college teacher. The individual memos are available in the menu to the right, or you can download them as one pdf.

Diversity Essay Series

On Diversity in Teaching and Learning; A Compendium presents essays in which University of Colorado faculty discuss ways of honoring diversity in the classroom.  The essays grew out of an FTEP program that sought to assemble a Compendium of Good Ideas on Teaching and Learning


The Faculty Teaching Excellence Program was committed to embracing diversity in each and every aspect of the campus community. The Faculty Teaching Excellence Program aimed to explore the variety of ways in which faculty members enhance diversity in the classroom both between and among students, as well as in the curricula of courses. To that end, we wish to continue to provide these ideas to our community of teachers, scholars, and students, through this legacy website.

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