Upon request, an FTEP Faculty Associate will facilitate a discussion among a faculty member’s students to gather information about their learning experiences in a particular course, particularly in areas of professor strengths, professor weaknesses, and student changes that could occur in the classroom.  Classroom interviews can be conducted anytime during the semester when the faculty member still has time to respond to student feedback by making adjustments. CLIPs are useful for tenure-line, early career faculty, as well as experienced faculty who appreciate the opportunity to view their students’ learning process through a different lens and to get elaborated feedback that is very different from our FCQs. In the College of Arts and Sciences, the Dean has approved the CLIP Report as a multiple measure of teaching for a faculty member's teaching portfolio.

CLIPs are collaborative self-assessment tools for your teaching and the learning environment. Students provide the information for this process through "focus group" type interviews, and then students agree or disagree with statements about the professor and the classroom overall.

CLIPs usually take about 45 minutes of class time.  Although results are confidential, faculty may use them not only for critical self-reflection, but also as one of the multiple measures of teaching requested by their departments.

The professor of the class is asked to briefly teach at the beginning of the class hour. If it is the case that the faculty member is unable to be present on the agreed upon date, he/she will need to arrange the consultation for a day on which they can be present.

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We cannot accept requests after Thanksgiving break in the fall or after Spring break in the spring.