The Classroom Learning Interview Process (CLIP) is a collaborative self-assessment tool for teaching and understanding the learning environment of the class. Upon request, a FTEP Faculty Associate will facilitate a discussion among the students of your class to gather information about their learning experiences in that course.

Rather than a summative evaluation such as the FCQ’s administered at the end of the term, the CLIP serves as a formative assessment of the mutual ways that students and faculty can continue to improve the classroom for the inclusive learning of all members. The CLIPs usually take about 45 minutes of class time and are administered by the Faculty Associate whose prepared questions help the students reflect on the course and the role they play in the learning process.

Students are placed into small discussion groups to draw consensus on their responses and allows for greater interpersonal dialogue about their experiences. CLIPs can be conducted anytime during the semester when the faculty member still has time to respond to student feedback by making adjustments. CLIPs are useful for tenure-line, early career faculty, as well as experienced faculty. In the College of Arts and Sciences, the Dean has approved the CLIP Report as a multiple measure of teaching for a faculty member's teaching portfolio.

As the results are confidential, the faculty member may choose to use it for their own self-reflection or as part of the multiple measures of teaching for their departments.

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We cannot accept requests after Thanksgiving break in the fall or after Spring break in the spring.