Our number of required and elective undergraduate laboratory courses is among the highest of any engineering college in the country. Our students say the hands-on laboratory component greatly enhances understanding of lecture concepts, and industry recruiters confirm that the value of our graduates is definitely increased by their laboratory experiences.

In addition to course fees and expenditures from the department's general budget, we are fortunate to have received donations and grants from the Engineering Excellence Fund to keep our labs filled with the most up-to-date, relevant equipment. 

Please fill out our Lab Access Agreement Google form for card access to our undergraduate labs.

Room: ECEE 287
Courses Taught: Advanced Computer Architecture, Adjustable Speed AC Drive

Capstone Lab
Room: ECEE 1B24 and 1B32
Courses Taught: Capstone Design Lab 

Circuits/Electronics Lab
Room: ECEE 281
Courses Taught: Intro to Digital and Analog Electronics, Circuits/Electronics 1, 2 and 3, Linear Systems

Computers as Components Lab
Room: ECEE 282
Courses Taught: Computers as Components 

Digital Logic Lab
Room: ECEE 2B39
Courses Taught: Digital Logic, Embedded systems courses 

DSP/Communications Lab
Room: ECEE 1B79
Courses taught: DSP Lab, Communications Lab, Graduate DSP Lab

Electromagnetic Fields Lab
Room: ECEE 254
Courses Taught: EM Fields and Waves, Transmission Lab, Graduate Transmission Lab

Embedded Systems Lab
Room: ECEE 2B37
Courses Taught: Embedded System Design, Real-Time Embedded Systems, Hybrid Embedded Systems

Power Electronics and Control Systems Lab
Room: ECEE 1B61B
Courses Taught: Power Electronics Lab, Control Systems Lab

Optics Lab
Room: ECEE 105
Courses Taught: Undergraduate Optics Lab (ECEN 4606), Graduate Optics Lab

Available Equipment

  • Three optical tables and thousands of optical mounts, translation and rotation stages to enable the construction of arbitrary optical experiments.

  • A complete suite of passive optics including photorefractive crystals, anisotropic crystals, photoanistropic polymers, lenses, prisms, mirrors, beam splitters, gratings, waveplates, polarizers, microscope objectives, spatial filters, fiber-optics alignment hardware, fiber and thin film filters.

  • Laser sources including helium neon, laser diode, argon ion, diode-pumped solid-state and various fiber-coupled lasers at 0.85, 1.3 and 1.55 microns.

  • Electro-optics including acoustooptic deflectors and modulators, linear and 2D digitizing cameras, low and high-speed photodetectors, scanning Fabry-Perot etalons, monochromaters.

  • Electronic and RF equipment including signal sources, oscilloscopes, amplifiers.

Recent additions to the lab funded by EEF include (6) biased photodiodes with 1 ns rise time, (3) 128x1024 digitizing CMOS cameras, a liquid crystal polarimeter and a wavefront sensor (photos below).