Biomedical research in the electrical, computer and energy engineering uses fundamental physics of optics, quantum engineering and materials to address human challenges in diagnoses and treatment of disease and injury. Our faculty work collaboratively with faculty across CU Boulder, as well as at CU Anschutz Medical Campus. These fundamental research programs often launch startup companies to translate the results to clinical and commercial use.

Research Strengths

Piestun, Wagner, Cogswell, Gopinath, Huang

  • Super resolution microscopy
  • Imaging through scattering media
  • Infrared light sources and modulators
  • Ultrafast and nonlinear imaging modalities

Park, McLeod, Barnes

  • Nanoparticle theranostics
  • Regenerative medical implants
  • Interaction of EM fields and human tissue

Gopinath, McLeod

  • Miniature optical microscopy components
  • Gradient index micro endoscopy

McLeod, Shaheen

  • Organic electronics
  • Cell biology systematics
  • In vivo sensing


  • Modeling, analysis and design of genetic circuits