Starting Jan. 3, 2017, these guidelines will be strictly enforced, specifically regarding reimbursements that are received without itemized receipts and flight reimbursements that are not accompanied by a CONCUR quote. These requests will be returned and will not be processed. 

Travel and Equipment Reimbursement

  • Please obtain an itemized receipt for all purchases.  Requests made for reimbursement without itemized receipts will not be processed.  
  • Use the Travel Reimbursement Form and the Equipment Reimbursement Form when requesting reimbursement.  Be sure to include the speedtype.
  • Tax is not reimbursable for purchases made in Colorado.
  • Alcohol is not reimbursable.
  • ALL flight tickets that are purchased outside of the CONCUR system require a quote from CONCUR prior to purchase outside the system. This quote must be for the same days and to the same location as the purchased ticket.  Carrier does not matter. Requests without CONCUR quote will be returned and not processed, no exceptions. Please ensure that the following information is included in the quote:
    • Same dates and general time frame as your quote for internet airfare
    • Total coast of the external site fare is less than the CONCUR fare
    • Comparison quote was obtained prior to the actual purchase of internet fare
    • Include the quote with other reimbursement request paperwork


  • When ordering items totaling $10,000 and above from a fund 10 / 34 / 29, please provide the information requested for a sole source justification. 
  • When ordering items totaling $5,000 and above from a fund 30, please provide the information requested for a sole source justification. 
  • Cost is not a valid reason to request a sole source justification.
  • If a purchase needs to be made that is above $50,000 from any speedtype, please allow 8 weeks for PO processing and approval. The number of approvals necessary and the amount of checking that the university requires will take at least this amount of time.
  • Use the links below to request a purchase. Requests received through email are deleted. 

Submit a Purchase and Payment Request (for internal, ECEE Department use only)

Check the Status of Your Purchase and Payment Request

Submit a Travel and Expense Reimbursement Request

Check the Status of Your Travel & Expense Reimbursement