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Embedded Systems Engineering

I joined the Department of Electrical, Computer, and Energy Engineering at the University of Colorado Boulder in the Spring of 2020 as an Instructor.  I teach one class, ECEN-3753 Real Time Operating Systems, and expect to hand that off and begin teaching ECEN-4763 Embedded Algorithms in Fall 2021.  My objective is to bring knowledge from a career in embedded real-time systems to undergraduates in time to help them choose career fields and to enter their first jobs better prepared for the real-life optimizations that must be made to compete successfully in industry.


I earned my B.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering at the State University of New York at Buffalo and my M.S.E.E. at CU Boulder in Communication Theory. After working as a research assistant on Digital Signal Processing and Atmospheric Radar, I worked at a military contracting company writing software before moving to the Storage industry.  Other than a few years in Telecomm just as that industry imploded in 2001, I've been in Storage for my entire career, and my entire technical career has comprised writing software to make electrical controls and data transformations happen.  I began as a low-level coder, and have worked as a firmware architect, program manager, and now personnel manager.  The technology that I've helped develop has helped hard disk drives continue the amazing storage density growth that so much of our world depends on, and in the process I've authored over 50 US patents.  In contrast to what I hear from many friends who engineer in other industries, I've continued to use signal processing, linear algebra, calculus, and physics intensively through my career.  I feel lucky to have experienced such a rich mix of science and engineering in industry, and am enthusiastic about sharing my experience in Embedded Systems Engineering as I continue to work in the Storage industry and recruit the next generation of Storage Engineers.