Jay Mendelson
Embedded Systems Engineering

Jay Mendelson is remote lecturer in the Electrical, Computer & Energy Engineering department. He teaches the graduate class ECEN 5853, Embedding Sensors and Motors. In addition, he created the Coursera specialization by the same name, along with fellow engineer Jim Zweighaft. This specialization was launched through ECEE’s Online MS-EE degree starting with course ECEA 5340. Before joining the faculty in 2017 Jay had three VP level technology positions in the process control and electrical products industries, with prior hands-on management and design experience in the computer and semiconductor businesses. Jay is an industry expert in the design of transmitters, process controllers, pressure, thermal and flow sensors, valves, and electrical switches and connectors. He has been a leader in the implementation of smart sensors, touch screens, iOT software, diagnostic algorithms, and communication protocols into the design of process control equipment.